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Hiking up Mt. Shasta 2019
  • Transforming into Coherence with my Essential Nature
  • Former Feminist now embracing the Good, the True and the Beautiful
  • Reverse Aging aka Female “Benjamin Button”
  • Researcher of but not limited to:

    • Human Potential
    • Polarity
    • Universal Truth
    • Xponential Intelligence
    • The Human Condition
    • Duality
    • Ancient Wisdom
    • Syncretism
    • The Tyrannical Feminine
    • Control Culture
  • Truth Oracle

  • Human Potential Champion

  • Status Quo Provocateur

What I love about myself is that I somehow found the courage to stick around long enough to discover that everything I was raised to believe about myself, the evil I was, the people who raised me, blood family, the world, the “others”, my destiny, “god”, my duty, my “assignment”, the afterlife, etc. etc. was a big fat LIE.  Words cannot express the effects of the religious family cult I was born into.  Scientology comes close.

I left that world at 18, but proceeded to limp through life, experiencing self-sabotage, self-hate, victim mentality, feeling let down by god, and everyone else.  I was unable to develop real connections to others and so faked a persona based on the extroverts that appeared to be enjoying life.  I look back and see how numb I felt while watching 9-11 from the relative safety of Canada.  This numbed out experience of life was my norm.

15 years ago I turned 40 and my soul told me that I was full of black poison.  I had no idea what that meant but found my health falling apart soon after.  The funny thing was that fitness was the ONE thing that I could enjoy up until then.  Even that small joy dropped away. Every level of pain increased until I developed pneumonia with pleurisy.  I was done with the act.

For some reason I still do not understand, I was cajoled into giving myself another shot at this life. I became a truth seeker even while under the influence of a control culture that I was unaware of. I continued to trust liars, I continued to walk blindly into situations where I was taken advantage of, I continued to believe that people were mostly good. Still, I persisted.

This blog contains a few of the musings and awarenesses I have extracted out of my Self as I explore the neverending journey to deeper and wider truths about life, this realm and humanity.       

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These new skills create a deeper sense of self-respect and confidence. This makes sense because when a system or a man or woman comes into coherence it begins to release things that are less than harmonious generating more room for competence.  Cacophony will always drown out harmony, so it must go. 

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