Ring out the False in 2021

Timeless truth never more relevant than today, January 1, 2021.

As I pause & consider the awakening to 2020 vision that was the year that just ended, I am heartened to be downloaded with the awareness that ALL  falsehoods being perpetrated within the human family today will be revealed for what they truly are: control culture (see previous blog post for details).

Not by fact checkers, but by the human heart. Attempting to fool one’s innate heart wisdom will result in any number of literal
heart “problems”.  Making personal decisions that degrade and destroy one’s personal dignity & self-respect are guaranteed to result in physical health degradation regardless of what
authority decrees.

It may not be today or even tomorrow, but health, our most precious physical aspect of wealth, can be compromised by a deliberate act of the human will.  Yes, personal choice.  There is no authority on earth that is above personal choice.  We choose who our master is.

Keep pretending that outside authorities are more important than the truth of your birthright to human dignity deep within the heart & you will be on your way to the operating room soon enough. I have witnessed this in my own corrupt family & it is not necessary!  I speak to this issue having paid a steep personal price in the degradation of my own mental & physical health for accepting & living the lie I was raised to believe was truth.

My heart knew all along something was very wrong with the essence of those people.  Breaking free was essential to moving past suicidal patterns which run rampant in that culture.  I am speaking specifically of the evils of self-hate, self-flagellation, the despair of feeling trapped in a life of fearfulness of the unknown, self-sacrifice, and the void of being without a voice, to name a few. 

Today we can choose again.  Recognize and let go of the despair that life will always be this hard.  Let us look forward and leave the dead to bury the dead.  Release the corruption that has the heart failing to support it.  Embrace freedom to stand tall and breathe deeply with the dignity available for the grasping.

For to be sure, at this critical time in history one must make the deliberate choice to turn away from past self-hate/humiliation and grasp on to the truth of deserving self-generated heart health.

Stand grounded in the eternal now of this time & space.  Stand on this precipice of limitless opportunities for 2021.  Drop the heavy falsehoods that were revealed in 2020 and rise to the heart’s truth:  Human dignity and self-respect are birthrights that are never to be sold for they reflect the value of the human soul.  Align with the heart’s truth and prosper in all aspects of health.


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