Exponential Insights

Frequency reports

are insights and guidance I receive from my Higher Self in 2020 that I have created in pictoral form. As I navigate the path towards living the purest expression of Who I Am in physical form, this creative expression is satisfying on many levels.

Cohesion is the gelling of mind body spirit to one singular focus. This is a must to living the purest expression of one’s highest potential.
Every person place or thing i put my attention on is me giving away my prana. I focus on making it count for my life force.
My goal is 24/7 100% authentic self expression. This is in direct opposition to the control culture of today. As I leave the fraudulent people I am surrounded by behind, my goal and happiness level rises.
Respect is an ongoing theme in my journey. Building the frequency and vibration of respect has taken years as I started this life with none. When self respect is stolen from a child, this is as big an evil as I can imagine.
This secret was revealed to me recently and I can report that it creates two-fold. First Self respect then respect from others follows.
Beliefs derive from a Consciousness. If the Consciousness is distorted, your experiences are distorted. When the decision to align to truth of all things, beliefs can evolve. This creates a lighter life experience generating abundance.
This is the classic self care notification. It is the only way to abundance.
Distortions are lies we live thinking they are fate, god’s punishment or our own idiocy. They are also the bad results no matter how good original intentions were at the beginning of a relationship, project, etc. Cut that shit out.
This one seems obvious to me now but it was a shock when i first heard it. I was living the opposite, hence the hideous distortions that made up my life experience. Self respect involves recognizing that analyzing the past keeps one locked in a dead reality. NO MORE ZOMBIES! Let the dead bury the dead.

Consider that your body knows exactly what it’s doing & guides you to create your own strong immune system. Consider that authority figures do not want you to know this.

The human body is infinitely wise. It contains a genius that authorities do not understand. Like nature itself, the human body knows how to right itself after any period of dis ease. The lie that the body is infested with germs is the religion of Scientism’s take on Original Sin. It is working extremely well in 2020 to humiliate humans.


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